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Violencias periféricas

Violencias periféricas

The audiovisual distributor and producer Davinia Burgos (Ojos Abiertos Films) debuts her role as a director with the short film Violencias Periféricas shot in Málaga during the month of September of this year. Burgos’s debut feature presents a realistic style impregnated by surrealism that is imprinted by the characters who walk through three stories in which they address issues such as psychological violence, mental health and the breaking of bonds between women. Three stories that maintain the current world marked by the impersonalization to which the subject is subjected as a backdrop, in the words of the young director.

This short film features the participation of Javier Casado Sudupe as composer of the original soundtrack, which has three Oscar nominations, various Goyas and awards from the European Film Academy. His career is worth noting that he has been the composer and arranger of Hable con ella, La mala Educación, Volver and La Piel Que Habito by Pedro Almodóvar and Lucía y elsexual by Julio Medem.


To my son Francisco Antonio Collado Burgos, for helping me grasp life tightly, my greatest work of art to date.
To my husband, Francisco Collado Campaña, for his constant support in filming, in life and for loving me as he knows how.
To the master composer of the original soundtrack, Javier Casado Sudupe for betting and trusting me.
To the entire team of this shoot for supporting me from minute zero. To my family, Juan José Burgos, Merceces Narváez, Gema Burgos, Nicolás Colón, for believing in me and to María Campaña for generously giving me the props for this short film and for her support.
To Angélica Leiva, because that day she told me: “you have to make this short film. Come on”. For more angelics in the cinema.
To Fernando Tresviernes (Fernando Gálligo Estévez) for helping me with the localization, for his friendship and support.
College of Psychologists of Malaga for giving us their locations and support.
Angélica Leiva for giving us her house with all her heart to film.
Catering: Angélica Leiva.
Lighting rental supplier: Vandits Digital Image Services.
Production company: Guajillo Films.
The Mercedes Sewing Box.

Script: Davinia Burgos Narváez.
Screenwriter: Marta Marín Ostariz.
Direction: Davinia Burgos Narváez.
Original sound track by: Javier Casado Sudupe.
Direction of photography: Mario Oliva.
First Assistant Director: Gabriela Zubieta Sesma.
Script: Cinta Guerrero Guerra
Executive production: Davinia Burgos Narváez.
Production Management: Davinia Burgos Narváez.
Production Manager: Angéica Leiva.
Production Assistant: Marta Luna and Fernando Tresviernes (Fernándo Gálligo Estévez)
Locations Colegio de Psicólogos de Málaga: Fernando Tresviernes (Fernándo Gálligo Estévez).
Location: Angélica Leiva.
Catering: Angélica Leiva.
Cast: Javier Hueso. Psicólogo: Juan José Burgos (Burín). Leonor: Pilar Blanco. Noa:Carmen Moreno. Rocío: Monti Casquel. María: Gema Burgos. Raúl: Nicolás Colón Bosch.Transhuman: María Prieto Domínguez. Transhuman: Gustavo León.
Photography Direction: Mario Oliva.
Electrical boss: Sebastián Fernández.
Video assist: Sebastián Fernández.
Focus puller: Sebastián Fernández.
Clapperboard: Sebastián Fernández
Gaffer:Carlos. H. Ramos.
Still photography: Carlos. H. Ramos y Angélica Leiva.
Dit: J.A. Crespillo.
Art Director: Elia Caro.
Costume Manager: Carmen Tinoco.
Costume Assistants: Nelliel Jiménez Salandar y Lola Mesa
Head of Hairstyling, Makeup and Characterization: Annia Galeote.
Sound manager: Yeray Ferrer.
Sound post-production: Alicia Casilari.
Sound mixing: Alicia Casilari.
Edition and Assembly: Fernando Pozo.
Color and grading: Mario Oliva.
Distribution: Ojos Abiertos Films.

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