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It’s all about de jorney, not the outcome

It’s all about de jorney, not the outcome

Sport is good for health and contributes to children’s development. Doing sport when we are young provides us with physical and mental benefits that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Adult life is a constant competition: studies, work, personal life… It is necessary to learn to manage victories and accept defeats.
victories and accept defeats.

The “Club Atlètic Igualada”, like other sports schools, the different disciplines of athletics are organised by categories, according to age. Each category corresponds to a different training. The youngest ones play and have fun: they don’t realise that they are training.
they don’t realise that they are training. The older ones do technical sessions to improve their performance. Playing is a good
It is a good way to learn: it helps to maintain motivation so that boys and girls do not get discouraged and give up the sport.

Athletics offers a wide range of disciplines, with their own characteristics: speed, endurance, strength, skill, coordination… Some of them stand out, but others are not,
Some excel in one thing, others in another. When we are young, athletics schools allow us to choose our
discipline according to our characteristics and our tastes.

We all like to win. Of all the athletes who take part in a race, only the one who finishes first wins. We might think that the rest of the participants are losers. Why devote so much effort to sport if we are so likely to lose?

This is the big issue we will try to resolve: The journey is more important than the outcome.

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Additional material

“La medicina del deporte”. By Dr. Lluis Canyamares

During the filming of the documentary, Dr. Cañamares surprised us with his explanations. It is not possible to include the whole interview in the documentary, but it is so interesting that we have included it as additional material.

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